Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I want to tell him I miss him.

I want to tell him I still love him.

But I cannot do either of those things because it’s over.

And sadness, deep sadness, is all I feel.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Lori, I wish that I had words of wisdom – but I don’t 😦 For me it has been well over 6 months and I still grieve daily. I am not good at ‘letting go’. Never have been. I did tell her that I miss her, that I will always love her (true) – I got nothing in return. She was long gone…and that hurt even more. She was somewhere else in her head a long time ago…I missed it – sort of.

    I feel sad all of the time – well, often. I wonder what her new relationship is like (yes she has been in one for a while) and that makes the hurt terribly worse. I wonder about the boys – her boys – that I grew to love as my own. We never had closure – no goodbye. They are 14 & 13yo.

    I wonder when it stops, this pain? My therapist says “give yourself 6 – 9 months”. Hummm…

    I disagree. I loved her and I know that she was the one. I can feel it…now it is too late. Forever…I wonder if she misses me? I think not based on our limited communication. Not at all. How is it that people are so very different? I do believe that she loved me. But I also believe that she does not know how to be in a relationship and likely will never have a successful one – she hasn’t thus far to my knowledge?

    Lots of cliches people throw at me…I am not interested in them. I just want to hug and kiss her again. Make love and feel it. It will never happen. So moving on (as they say) becomes imperative. Stuck is not good. Get rid of any social media contact, it only hurts and fuels the fire…

    Everyone’s time table to ‘heal’ is different. When will you date again? You will know when – you will. To be continued <3…

    1. If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was. Words to live by……..

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