Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day which caused me to think back on past Valentine’s days. I’ve spent many February 14ths alone. Not necessarily lonely, just alone. And if I wasn’t alone I was with a less-than-ideal partner. Let me tell you, being alone is much, much better than being in an unsatisfying relationship.

This year, I’m grateful to be in a loving, equal, caring relationship with a man who truly loves me unconditionally. Not the “unconditional” love that others have purported to have for me, but the real deal. We’ve seen each other at our worst and still continued to wholly love each other and be teammates on life’s journey.

So much so that he’s moving in with me soon and for the first time in years I’m seriously looking forward to getting married again (something I said I’d NEVER do again -famous last words!).

He loves all of me. No matter my weight or mental state or financial state or analytical brain. And I, him. Sure, we argue occasionally, and sometimes his boisterous, exuberant personality makes me crazy when I want peace and quiet, but I wouldn’t take that away from him because it’s part of what makes him, him.

If you’re with someone who’s using you for your money, or wants you to have surgery to lose weight, or doesn’t defend you to others, or continually lies and manipulates, that is not your person. You deserve better. We all deserve to be with a person who loves us just as we are… Even if that person is you. Celebrate and love yourself because after all…

Love is a many splendored thing. ❤️

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